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Join the 3Play Media team

3Play Media is a rapidly growing start-up located in the North End neighborhood in Boston. We’re looking for motivated, energetic, and creative candidates who are excited to help us transform the way people access the video.

What’s it like to work at 3Play?

We have an awesome work environment! Our team is hard-working, laid back, and fun. There are no political or wasteful meetings and projects get done quickly and efficiently. The team is dedicated to building a successful company. We have a spacious office with lots of natural light, games, and spaces for collaboration. Your work will have a direct impact on our company’s success

Diversity & Inclusion

3Play Media was founded on a mission of inclusion and has deep roots in inaccessibility. We believe in the social and business obligation to foster diversity, belonging, and inclusion, and we value the many ways in which they make us stronger. We also believe that bringing your true self to the office – and being welcomed for it – should be a given.

Our company is great because of our people, and cultivating diversity is a critical component of what will continue to make us great as we grow. If you are a woman, LGBTQIA+ individual, BIPOC, a person with disabilities, and/or a member of other marginalized or historically underrepresented groups, we hope that you’ll apply and add your talents to our community.

We recognize our own opportunities for growth in these areas and are actively working to improve. We welcome anonymous feedback about our website, job postings, and interviews to help us remove bias from the process.

Why do you love working at 3Play?

I love that I am constantly learning and being challenged. I love how my ideas are valued and heard. At 3Play you really feel like you are part of the company and you can directly see how your efforts are leading to the company’s success.

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