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Data Entry Jobs | Typing Jobs

Work From Home Data Entry Jobs

If you get pleasure from writing and you had preferred to work from home, writing from home jobs square measure the right work. as luck would have it, there square measure many choices with varied ability sets.

Are you searching for a straightforward thanks to entered acting from home? square measure you an honest typist?

If you answered affirmative to each of these queries, contemplate a work-from-home writing job! even though you are a slow employee currently, there square measure loads of free resources you will be able to follow with to improve your typing skills.

And as long as you have got a sensible hearing or will handle knowledge entry, there is a writing job out there you will be able to do as a freelancer, whether or not it is general transcription, virtual help, or microtasks. scan on for my guide to online writing jobs and wherever to use.

Data Entry Jobs Work From Home 

Data entry work is an incredibly easy work-from-home job that is largely open to beginners.

You should not need any special training or experience for an online data entry job. You just need to be able to type and have basic computer skills, such as entering information into an application as directed.

That could involve adding data to a spreadsheet or entering data into a company’s system. You may be expected to verify and/or edit the data, and some forms of data entry involve research.

There are also specialized forms of data entry that require more training and even certification, such as medical coding or sophistry (editing and reviewing the transcription of a court reporter).

Data entry is a highly repetitive job, so you need to make sure that will not get to you over long periods.

Work From Home Data Entry Jobs Required

A private desktop or laptop computer you can work on from home, with high-speed internet access, is required.

You should also have a keyboard with a number pad (or a separate number pad you can plug in via USB).

A data entry clerk may also need access to various data processing programs, such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and other Microsoft Office and G Suite applications.

How Much Can You Make?

Most Works From Home data entry jobs do not pay well because they are easy and almost anyone can do them. This also means competition for a remote job tends to be very fierce.

You will find the better-paying data entry jobs are the specialized ones mentioned above.

AccuTran Global

Axion Data Entry Services

DionData Solutions


Get a more in-depth look at data entry and find more companies hiring at my post “ Data Entry Jobs From Home.”

Proofread Anywhere

Proofread Anywhere

The Proofread Anywhere course has helped tens of thousands of students successfully launch a proofreading business and start making thousands of dollars a month.

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Captioning Jobs (Closed Captioning)

With a captioning job, you hear Associate in Nursing audio files and transcribe what you hear. however, rather than creating easy transcription documents, you produce captions for videos for the World Health Organization area unit exhausting of hearing or who need to observe a video with the preach.

Captioning tends to be more complete and more demanding than transcription, including notation of background noises, for example.

Closed captioning involves a recorded video file, from recorded lectures to TV programs.

A time period captioner incorporates a lot of intense jobs as a result of the caption of a live program, like a sports broadcast or program. There might solely be a brief delay in airtime, requiring you to be quick and correct together with your captions.

For most skilled captioning jobs, you will like some reasonable certification. operating with script shorthand is commonly needed, particularly thanks to the demand for prime writing speeds.

Needed Work From Home Data Entry Jobs

A computer or laptop you can work on from home with high-speed internet access is required, plus headphones to make listening to the audio easier.

You will also probably need a stenotype machine.

How Much Can You Make?

As a specialized form of transcription in a demanding industry, you can make more at captioning than at transcription. You may even be able to make full-time money, once you have some experience and prove yourself.


National Captioning Institute




Transcription Jobs Work From Home

This is probably what you think of first when you think of work from home typing jobs. As a transcriptionist, you listen to audio recordings and type what you hear. It really is that simple!

You need a good sense of hearing to do a transcription job, including the ability to understand various accents and untangle multiple sources of sound from multiple voices to background noise competing with the speaker.

You should also be a good typist, with a high typing speed and low error rate. Transcription is not an industry that tolerates much in the way of typos or other mistakes!

Some online transcription jobs, such as those serving the legal or medical industries, may require certification, which you can complete online.

Transcription Work Needed

To be a transcriptionist, you need a computer you can work from at home with high-speed internet access (of course).

You also need headphones to listen to audio files, and sometimes you may need specific transcription software and/or a foot pedal.

How Much Can You Make?

To be quite honest, entry-level transcription does not pay that much, reflecting the simplicity of the job. However, the experience can earn you better rates of pay, and so can specializing in medical transcription or legal transcription.

Much of the industry pay per audio hour is completed, so you can also increase your rate of pay by being an incredibly quick and efficient transcriptionist.

AccuTran Global

GMR Transcription



Find more jobs at my post “Online Transcription Jobs: Work-at-Home Beginners Welcome.”

transcribe anywhere


Getting hired as a transcriptionist takes more than listening and typing skills. Transcribe Anywhere’s courses transform typists into transcriptionists in as little as 2-4 months.

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Virtual Assistant Jobs Make Money

With a home virtual assistant job, you can make money online by doing many things for your client, including data entry.

Some purchasers might want spreadsheets created from data they have collected, or they will wish you to try to do some analysis finding corporations that match bound criteria and filling out contact details within the client’s ADP system, as an example.

The great factor concerning virtual helping is that the sheer sort of tasks you would possibly be asked to try to do, and analysis and information assortment keeps the information entry a part of the duty from being too monotonous.

Plus, if you will be able to provide numerous different services, like social media management, ghostwriting, client service, or lasting improvement, you will be able to earn quite you would possibly in additional ancient information entry-only roles.

Virtual Assistant Services - Virtual Assistant Jobs Work From Home

Equipment Needed

This depends on exactly what you will be doing for your clients, but a home computer with high-speed internet access is the default requirement.

You should also have a comfortable place to work undisturbed for extended periods, along with access to common software programs, from Microsoft Office suite to G Suite.

How Much Can You Make?

It depends on how you find your virtual assistant clients, but you can make a decent wage with most VA companies (better than or comparable to the minimum wage in most states).

You can charge more if you have your own virtual assistant business and you find your own clients.



Vicky Virtual



Learn more about starting your own VA business here.



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Micro Task Jobs At Home

A microtask is just what it sounds like: a small task that does not take long to complete but cannot be automated.

Micro tasks, which require a human to complete include identifying objects in a photograph or transcribing a small audio file. Or you may be asked to write a brief paragraph or update a spreadsheet with the latest prices of a series of items.

You can find these short tasks on a variety of microtask job sites, and because they often do not take much brainpower to complete, you can knock them out while doing something more pleasant (like watching TV) or in whatever brief snatches of downtime you have throughout your day.

Typing From Home Job Needed

As with any typing from home job, you must have a computer to work on with high-speed internet access.

Beyond that, it is always a good idea to have access to as many programs as possible, so you can accept a wide variety of jobs. Make sure you are familiar with and have access to the G Suite of programs (Google Docs, Sheets) and Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word, Excel).

How Much Can You Make?

Micro tasks come with micro pay. You can expect to be paid anywhere from a few pennies to a few dollars per job. Rarely, you may find viable micro-jobs that pay more.

Amazon mTurk


Figure Eight



Dive deeper into the microtask world with my post “Micro Jobs: Easy Money for Completing Simple Short Tasks.”

Now that you have read this, I think your typing fingers have been resting long enough. Get out there and earn some extra income with a work-from-home typing job!

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