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How To Make Money On Amazon Without Selling

How To Make Money On Amazon Without Selling

How To Make Money On Amazon Without Selling

Amazon is the king of E-Commerce marketplaces. Every month 190 million individuals visit Amazon.com.That is the very best compared to the other E-Commerce marketplace.

It also managed to get a revenue of $238 billion in 2018 and was predicted to cross the $300 billion mark in 2019.

As well as making money on Amazon offers various ways for individuals such as you to make money. Even higher, it is achievable to make money on Amazon without selling.

Merch by Amazon

Merch by Amazon is an earning opportunity for designers. Here, you only need to upload the design of a t-shirt, hoodie, or sweat and earn commission on every sale. You do not need to keep any stock and handle the satisfaction problem.

Just come up with a creative design and earn a commission when merch by amazon with your design is sold.

How do you join Merch by Amazon, here are some easy steps:

  • Sign up to Merch by Amazon and create a design
  • Upload the design on any merchandise
  • Select the color of your merch and write a product description

From there, Amazon takes complete charge of creating a product page, printing, packaging, fulfillment, and customer service.

Maybe you are thinking this opportunity is only for a designer. Anyway, you do not need to be a professional designer; there are multiple free online designing platforms out there such as Canva and Snappa where anyone can make a design to be printed on a t-shirt.

Even better, just go to Pinterest and take any design that you like to print. Make sure the design does not have a watermark present on them.

How does Amazon pay

On each merch sale, Amazon pays a royalty as a commission for the design.

The royalty is based on the product’s purchase price that is set by Amazon after all the cost is taken into consideration including material, printing, and customer support.

If you need some guidance, Amazon also offers its best practices page where it provides all the necessary direction about design such as artwork resolution, color selection, sizing, and placement.

Amazon Dropshipping

If you want to make money on Amazon without selling then Amazon dropshipping is the best option you have out there.

Many people confuse Amazon dropshipping with Amazon FBA that is not the same.

With Amazon FBA, you need to deliver the products to Amazon centers in bulk quantity whereas in dropshipping you do not buy anything in bulk.

What is dropshipping

The seller displays the supplier’s products in their store and when a customer orders from the store, the supplier delivers the product and you get the difference as profit.

To do Amazon dropshipping, you need to select the option of implementation by the merchant, which means you are responsible for implementation.

Here is how you can perform dropshipping on Amazon without any investment. First, select a trending product to sell on Amazon.

Then, create an Amazon individual seller account; you will be charged only when you sell something

Select a US-based dropshipping supplier. The reason for selecting a US-based supplier is to make the delivery faster.

According to the Amazon dropshipping policy, the seller’s information should be present on the product, not the suppliers.

Then it is simple, you just display the product on your Amazon store, and when you receive an order ask your supplier to deliver the product to your customer’s address. 

You receive the money from the customer, pay the supplier and keep the difference as profit.

Amazon Handmade

Amazon handmade is another great platform for creative people to make money on Amazon without selling from the world’s biggest   E-Commerce platform.

This platform is similar to Etsy where people can sell handmade products such as jewelry, accessories, and clothes.

If you are keen on making these types of DIY products then Amazon handmade is the ideal platform for you.

You also have the option to deliver the product on your own or you can ship the product to an Amazon fulfillment center where Amazon will deliver the product under the FBA program.

This is an amazing platform to earn but this opportunity is only for those who are really into DIY stuff because Amazon has a very lengthy process to assure the credibility of the seller on this platform.

Amazon charges 15% referral fees for its services. Apart from this referral fee, there is no setup or monthly charges.

Work from Home/Virtual Location

Work from home is a kind of freelancing opportunity that Amazon offers. 

On its virtual location page, Amazon posts a lot of job openings such as customer support representative, technical support staff, business development officer, etc.

The positions are for seasonal, part-time, and full-time work. If you think you have some talent and can work from home then do check out their virtual location page for the latest openings.

Amazon Flex

If you have a car and license you can make money on Amazon without selling.

Amazon Flex is a program for drivers, it was launched as a solution for the Amazon same-day delivery option for its Prime users. 

The driver can select the working hours for themselves, make deliveries for Amazon in their free time, and earn up to $18 – $25 per hour.

To become a part of Amazon Flex, here is what you need:

  • Minimum age of 21 years
  • A legal car
  • A smartphone

If you have these things, then you just need to download the Amazon flex app and select the working hours at your convenience.


This is a great earning opportunity for someone who owns a recreational vehicle. Amazon CamperForce is a program to make money. A CamperForce associate must select a seasonal task in a location. 

When the season arrives, Amazon will assign an area then you will have to store, pack and receive Amazon packages within the designated area in your recreational vehicle.

Wrapping up            

Amazon is getting bigger in size as well as in status every year. That forces the company to come up with different and unique ways to keep the workflow continuing 24/7.

A majority of these earning methods are the result of making the workflow smooth for Amazon. As you have seen already, you have plenty of ways to make money on Amazon without selling.

All you need is the will of earning and you will surely find a way to make money on Amazon without selling.

Amazon Gift Cards

Earning Amazon gift cards is one way to make money on Amazon without selling. Think of them as tickets to getting gifts. You can also use them to shop from top brands like Forever 21 and Starbucks.

They may not be convertible to make money. These gift cards have no expiration dates. 

And they are available in different amounts from $10 to $2,000. With them, you can purchase products that are sold on Amazon.

  • Here are some ways you can earn Amazon gift cards:
  • Join cashback and rewards sites, like MyPoints and Honey
  • Take surveys from sites like Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, National Consumer Panel, and Global Test Market
  • Trade-in electronics and books on the Amazon Trade-In Program and Listia
  • Sign up for referral programs, like Blooom, Personal Capital, Xoom, and Ibotta
  • Book hotels and leave reviews on Tripadvisor
  • Do small tasks on InstaGC
  • Key Takeaways

You can use these gift cards in using actual cash.

Consistency is key. You may not earn a lot of points instantly. But if you regularly participate in programs, you could earn a decent amount of points. 

And you could exchange these points for gift cards by the end of the month. Keep an eye out for programs that offer gift cards.

Retail Arbitrage

Sourcing inventory from overseas means you will have to pay heavy shipping costs. Lots of sellers avoid this by leveraging retail arbitrage.

Retail arbitrage is essentially the process of buying inventory from local retailers and then selling them on Amazon for a profit.

Go to your local Walmart, Target, etc, and search for discounted products. Then simply list those items on Amazon with a markup.

You could also consider online arbitrage. Buy directly from these websites and benefit from free shipping. 

But usually, the best discounts are found in-store. eBay is another good source for finding cheap products to sell.

Pros of retail arbitrage on Amazon

  • It can be fun to source deals if you enjoy bargain hunting.
  • You don’t have to start with a huge inventory of products.

Cons of retail arbitrage on Amazon

  • Retail arbitrage can be time-consuming to do at scale.
  • Retail arbitrage is a popular way to sell and is, therefore, a competitive space.

Publish Your Own Books

You can publish digital books through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. 

It takes less than five minutes to publish, your book will be available on Kindle stores across the globe in 24-48 hours.

Amazon lets you set your own prices for self-published books. You will earn up to 70% of royalties on Kindle sales.

You can also make changes to your content at any time.

In addition to digital format books, you can use CreateSpace to publish physical copies of your book. 

Consider using ACX to create an audiobook that can be sold on Amazon as well.

Pros of publishing on Amazon

It is a great way to make extra money if you have written a book already.

It is free to publish your ebook, allowing you to see your name in print without a traditional publisher.

Cons of publishing on Amazon

You have to be a productive writer to make money selling ebooks on Amazon.

You have to do all of your own marketing without a traditional publisher to help you to sell your book.

Sell Wholesale Products

Instead of targeting consumers, you can sell products in bulk via Amazon Business.

This is a B2B marketplace on Amazon. It provides business customers with special prices and the convenience of shopping with Amazon.

As a seller in the Amazon Business marketplace, you will have unique business features. 

Amazon allows you to display different qualities and certifications on your page as well.

Pros of Amazon Business

  • You may be able to reach more customers than you could without the use of Amazon’s large platform.
  • The program includes access to unique features including the ability to offer quantity and business pricing.

Cons of Amazon Business

Amazon Business is best for established businesses, which may be a high barrier to entry.

Sell Products Under Amazon’s Private Brands

The Amazon Accelerator program is an incentive for manufacturers to create their own brands with innovative products. 

You will sell those products exclusively on Amazon as a private brand supplier.

Amazon guides you through the entire process, providing you with useful tools to create your brand. 

You will also benefit from a suite of marketing support. If you are unsure about what types of products will perform well, Amazon can facilitate product testing and customer feedback.

For those of you with direct access to manufacturing, becoming an Amazon Accelerator brand can be a great way to make money on Amazon without selling with substantial margins through this marketplace. 

Pros of Amazon Accelerator

It is great if you have an idea for a product but don’t know how to sell and market it.

Cons of Amazon Accelerator

You have to sell your product exclusively on Amazon, so you will not be able to set up your own shop or sell through other retailers.

Sell Professional Services

Most people don’t realize it, but Amazon is more than just a marketplace for solid products. 

You can also sell professional services through Amazon Services.

There are no upfront costs or monthly fees to join this program. You will only pay a portion of your revenue share for completed jobs based on the service type offered.

Some popular service categories include:

  • Apparel and jewelry
  • Business
  • Consumer electronics
  • Education
  • Events
  • Health and beauty
  • Home maintenance
  • Pets
  • Lawn care and landscaping
  • Vehicles

Pros of Amazon Services

You can reach a large network of people without a website or social media following.

Cons of Amazon Services

You pay a commission to Amazon, which cuts into your profits.

Work From Home as an Amazon Rep

You can get a job working directly for Amazon from the comfort of your own home. The customer service team supports 16 languages from over 130 locations worldwide.

Many of Amazon’s employees work remotely.

You can become a virtual customer service representative and do the same. If you want to help Amazon customers while sitting in your pajamas, this could be the job for you.

Amazon is constantly updating its Customer Service Associate jobs. Check this page to see if there is a full-time or part-time job you meet the qualifications for. Then simply apply online.

Pros of working as an Amazon representative

  • You may have access to Amazon’s employee benefits like a 401k and healthcare.
  • You can work from home either part or full time.

Cons of working as an Amazon representative

You will have to apply for the job, and not everyone will meet the qualifications.

Deliver With Amazon Flex

You have realized now that Amazon runs its own delivery service. I am sure you have seen drivers delivering packages around your neighborhood and even to your own door.

If you are looking for a part-time job, you can become one of those drivers through Amazon Flex. The majority of drivers earn between $18-$25 per hour. All of your earnings can be tracked through the Amazon Flex mobile app.

As the name implies, the position is flexible. Create your own schedule with available opportunities seven days per week.

Pros of Amazon Flex

You create your own schedule and only take work that you want, making it highly flexible.

Cons of Amazon Flex

You need to have your own reliable car with the appropriate insurance to make deliveries.

Become an Influencer

Amazon Influencers is another affiliate program. But it is different than the Amazon Associates program we talked about earlier. The influencer program is designed to promote products via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

It is a great opportunity to leverage your existing social following. If you become an approved influencer, Amazon will give you a unique URL to your own Amazon page.

The page will showcase products that you want to recommend to your followers. You will earn a commission for qualifying purchases.

Pros of Amazon Influencers

You can earn product commissions from your followers even when they don’t click an affiliate link.

Cons of Amazon Influencers

You need to have a large following on a popular social media platform to be considered for the program.


The ways mentioned above can help you make money on Amazon without selling anything. And the amount of money you can make is totally up to you. Anyway, it is important to choose which among the three is the best one for you.

If you want to generate an online business and earn thousands of dollars for your site, then being an Amazon Affiliate is the best route for you. If you thrive on working on small tasks and want a side hustle, then sign up for an MTurk account.

If you want to make money from doing a variety of tasks during your spare time, then earning Amazon gift cards is perfect for you.

Once you have decided which method to take, here are actionable items you can do to make sure you profit from these activities:

Find people who struck it rich doing any of the three and figure out how they did it Prepare a strategy and stick with it. Find the path of least resistance so you can maximize your earnings.

Be patient. You probably will not make lots of money in your first few months. But if you remain steadfast and get the hang of it, you will eventually profit from all your hard work.

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