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Ideas To Make Money From Home - Passive Income Online

Ideas To Make Money From Home

Who doesn't like to make money from home? Create a living by operating simply online? During this course, I will share nearly everything related to my online businesses and ideas To Make Money From Home.

Before we have a tendency to begin, we are going to discuss business methods that make passive income online and the way to start out operating online. I will jointly show you many concepts for creating passive income online.


Ideas For Making Money Online

Business Of Software As A Service

Software as a Service is simply building a website and providing a service that is sold monthly. So, you are selling memberships which is a great way to make money online. For example, Netflix is considered software as a service that you subscribe to monthly to watch movies.


It is when you provide or sell your skills online. For example, if you are a graphic designer you can provide your skills and sell them online.

All you have to do is to create a profile and publish your skills or services on freelancing websites. These websites include Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer.com, and many. Such websites are grand freelancing websites, so they offer great opportunities to earn money online.

Affiliate Marketing

It is one of the best ideas to make money from home and make passive income online. Affiliate marketing is promoting affiliate products and services for other companies or people. 

When you promote an affiliate product, you will earn a commission per sale or maybe sometimes per lead, action, sign up.

Content Creation

This means that you will create content like for example a blog and you publish articles. You may also create a YouTube channel and publish videos. Another option is creating an Instagram account and publishing content on it, whatever type of content and you monetize it.

Monetizing something means making money from the content you share. For instance, you can publish ads on YouTube videos or publish ads on your Facebook page. Maybe you can sell your services through your blog or promote them,

Online Stores

Creating an online shop and selling products, that can be physical or digital, is one of the ideas to make money from home.

What I mean by digital is like selling eBooks, online courses, designs, or logos. Whatever you are selling, you can sell digital products in an online storeBy physical products, it can be mobile phones, flowers, whatever you want.

Best Ideas To Make Money From Home In My Business

Let us see now how I applied all these strategies in my online business and how I connect things together.

When you go on the website, the first things you will see are the main heading, title, menu, email Sign Up box, and the main navigation. So, a simple, clean, and straight-to-the-point website.

Main Heading

You will see in the main heading that it says that the website is all about online business, digital marketing, and educational tips about new skills that will help you grow in your business.

Subscription Box

The big box with which anyone can use to subscribe to the newsletter. Email marketing is very important if you have a business online or offline.

If you are not building an email list, then you are losing a lot of customers, traffic, and clients. ConvertKit is used for private email lists.


Through this big, simple, and attractive menu, you can point people to other services. This means that connecting your online businesses, websites, and services together. 

You will post on your YouTube channel how you created your website step by step so don’t worry about it. This is an indirect idea for making money online.

Main Menu

The idea here is that on the main home page, anyone can know what this website is about. Anyone can subscribe to your email list, so you can build your email list.

Also, anyone can navigate through the menu or reach any of my services and other websites from the main menu.

Ideas To Make Money From Home Inside The Website

Blog Make Money

If you visit the blog, you will find articles, tutorials, something valuable that people will love to read and implement. Something that will help people.

On the blog, you will see that linking to the main website and other websites. Promoting online courses, other paid services, and other websites as well as affiliate marketing.

Business Model of SAAS

Link.me I am SAAS's business model. It is a tool that people subscribe to monthly to use. Thus, selling monthly memberships is yet another form of making money online.


Back to the main website, if you click on the services link, it will redirect you to the website of the service on which u will be provided by Gigs. So, here on this website, you will be provided with freelancing services.

This means that you sell your gigs to benefit people and make money online.

Applying The Ideas To Make Money From Home In Your Business

Main Website 

We have a list of recommended services and all of them are affiliate links. So, if anyone goes to the website, checks your recommended services, and buys them, you will get a commission.

It is a very basic form of affiliate promotion, it is monetizing the traffic with affiliate links.

Promotion Through YouTube Channel

In any of the videos, in the description, you will see a lot of affiliate links. Also, if you check the channel's main page, you can see links to the website.

Sell Your Gigs 

As we mentioned before, one of the ideas for making money online is to sell products. Here we are selling digital products.

I prefer to use the main website. That is simply because I already built my audience, therefore I don’t need to publish on other websites.

E-Books Page

You will find the main website my eBooks page, in it, list your own eBooks. Also, on this page, you can see my recommended eBooks. Add some eBooks, and the links are from the Amazon affiliate program.

Accordingly, anyone who buys any of these books from my website leads me to earn a commission from Amazon, which is one idea for making money online.

SEO And Digital Marketing 

If you click on “by Say All Info”, you will see a list of other services and small free tools. Anyone can download them, and they help in digital marketing and email marketing.

We can see then “H-super tools”, my number one platform and if you click on it it will redirect to a platform. This is a free SEO and digital marketing platform website. It is like a SAAS service but free, and make money off of it thanks to the advertisements and the ads with Google AdSense.

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