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How to Make Money with Canva

How to Make Money with Canva

I'm sure you are searching for new ways to earn some extra money. Therefore, today we are going to discuss how you can begin your journey to freelancing and begin earning extra money by using Fiverr or canva.com. 

Even if you don't have any prior experience with freelance work then you shouldn't be concerned. This article is an entire guideline for how to utilize Canva and make money as a freelancer. 

Earning money through Canva is a breeze. It is necessary to possess basic design abilities and a basic understanding of color combinations. 

I am pretty certain that you will once you have read this article. I will demonstrate how it can be done and how simple you can earn money with the Fiverr platform and Canva.

What is Canva?

Canva is an online program with which you can design stunning and appealing graphics, banners, and designs art by dropping and dragging the mouse.

Canva offers 2 plans. One plan is free and you can use it without any problem. If you could like to gain access to premium features, then you need be paying $10 for a month. It's worth it to invest in premium plans.

Design your blog or social media images using Canva

That is how I am into using Canva. I used to use the Adobe suite however, the social media graphic was huge trouble. 

I was unable to locate the necessary files and my inexhaustible "inspiration" library didn't make it into my workflow.

In addition to feeling scattered, my previous computer was simply too slow. So I decided to try Canva and discovered that, wow I could create faster by using their templates. 

I could then magically resize the design to suit various platforms.

Today, I believe that the majority of bloggers and small-business owners make use of Canva to manage their social media. Actually, I'm not sure who is using Adobe aside from designers.

Adobe offers a variety of different apps to design and even though it is possible to design everything within one application, it's not the best solution. can be perfect. 

In Illustrator you must make separate artboards for various pages. InDesign operates in pages, however, you need to alter the size of entire documents or create versions that are different formats, or Adobe Spark integrates with your library but is slow and sluggish for me.

Also, you should consider the management of your assets and the need to pay for other stock images and pictures.

Canva provides millions of royalty-free components and templates even for free users with their Pro plans go above and beyond and include a variety of creator templates created by independent designers, as well as templates for designers that you can purchase from other marketplaces.

If you are in a field where you have to create constantly promotional and marketing materials which generate income, Canva can save you time.

Use of Canva to design work for clients

Many people are wondering if it is possible to utilize Canva to create work for clients And the solution is yes and No.

Many social media managers utilize Canva to design images for their clients.

I utilized Canva to help me with my workflow while designing websites and branding but didn't design any other thing using Canva. 

For instance, I designed logos and vector graphics using Adobe products, however, I made the presentation using Canva because Canva Present excels. 

I was also able to live-record presentations using the application.

In the future, I could think of other ways to use clients' work, such as creating slideshows for webinars branding guidelines, brand guides, and PDF print materials.

There are a few things you must know when making use of Canva to create client documents.

One thing to note is that clients will not be permitted to trademark logos you designed using Canva elements. This is against the terms of the license. 

Even if you modify the logo template you had created using Pro elements or fonts, however, you are not able to trademark it.

There could also be restrictions on licensing of graphics when creating designs for a different party. However, I'm aware that numerous social media managers use this.

Canva does come with a few features that are ideal for working with clients, such as the recently released capability to design several brand kits. 

This feature lets you can manage multiple clients or products simultaneously.

The area where Canva excels in clients is when you have to design designs that the client is looking to edit themselves in the future. 

You should give them the possibility of editing their own designs at a later time to eliminate unnecessary back and forth later on.

In this instance, I could say Canva can make your work as a service-based designer more simple.

Create and sell Canva templates

Selling Canva templates is an excellent way to earn passive earnings and some individuals earn money from this.

During the height that the disease was raging, my transition was into designing Canva templates full-time. 

I already sold some of them in my stores and also began working as an official Canva Creator which allowed me to offer Canva templates through their platform. 

This was the way I earned the majority of my money.

Templates are a great method to create things you love to create without having to work on particular client requirements. 

Instead, you design your own briefs and designs according to the style you prefer to make, It takes an enormous amount of perseverance and creative thinking to create so many ideas and concepts, but it is also a rewarding opportunity to refine your skills.

In the past, I have adapted my branding for clients by creating templates to ensure that I begin each project with the ideal brand in my head. 

I tell a story about the fictional client and create an album mood board. Then, I create designs that are suited to the character.

This helps me to create sets of templates, and then write content that will resonate with this audience. 

My templates include prompts that reduce the workload of prospective clients. It is also entertaining to work on.

I offer a private coaching course for template designers. I'm developing the course that will assist others to create as well as sell Canva templates. 

If you are interested in joining be on the waitlist, sign up and be the first to know when it will launch in the autumn.

Sell your artwork on Canva

Have you ever heard that you could even sell your personal designs and images on Canva? 

Are you aware that there is a limitless graphic resource, that is also known as Canva's Elements tab? 

Your artwork and images could be included, too, and earn every time anyone downloads a template with your artwork.

This is done through Canva's Creators program. It is a wonderful method to begin earning passive income from all the unloved illustrations and cast-off client assets that you have buried in folders.

Print items by using Canva

Yes, you can create prints-on-demand items using Canva such as 

t-shirts, journal bags, totes, and many more. However, there are some limitations.

I'm sure there is plenty of confusion about POD since Canva's license terms are not always clear. However, according to what I have read you can create designs with the images and graphics from their platform and upload the flattened designs onto another platform for sale as POD-based products.

However, you must adhere to certain limitations. In particular, there are some factors to be considered such as whether you are on the Pro plan if you are using a Free or Pro asset, if you have to buy another license or if you are complying with the "single style" policy.

When you are beginning on your POD journey, be sure to check the terms of Canva's license agreement, and then ask for clarification if you are unsure.

Better secure than sorry, and better to be able to compensate artists for sharing their artwork for you to use.

How to Make use of Canva

Another method to earn an income that is passive via Canva is to help others learn how to utilize the software.

I began teaching through YouTube as well as in my classes because as simple as it might sound some people don't know how to get the most from the program.

This is particularly applicable to people who don't have a design background and don't understand the process of creating and customizing their graphics to ensure they don't appear similar to random templates.

Canva does offer its own Design school, which offers bite-sized and well-produced classes, however, there is a myriad of other subjects related to content creation as well as Canva's numerous features which you can use to teach.

If you Are considering teaching classes using Canva and you're thinking of teaching courses on it, it's a good idea to get your audience involved or browse the forums to find out the most frequently asked questions regarding designing using Canva. 

Start by posting a few tutorials on your website or even create your own mini-course around a specific element.

I created an online school to show others to utilize Canva. If you are thinking of signing up I would be happy to teach you how to make the most of this awesome tool that makes creating so much more fun.

Canva Affiliate

Now, I believe we have covered plenty of great ways to earn money through Canva However, there is a final option I would like the present to you in this article which is becoming an affiliate of Canva.

Affiliate marketing is a way for authors and content creators to make money off their work. 

It is a type of sponsorship that allows affiliates to earn money to help educate or promote the brand and also earns commissions when a customer purchases on their suggestions.

I have a relationship with Canva since I love the platform. It's normal for me to discuss Canva and help others understand what it can do since this is how I have developed my business and the way I am continuing to build my brand by creating additional Canva templates and teaching courses on Canva.

Yes, this post contains affiliate links since I like getting paid for my efforts, and I would suggest that if you are looking for a relatively passive method for you to spread the love for Canva to the world, and be paid to do it, then you may consider joining the affiliate program.

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